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Railwel Canada designed molds and welded a complicated rail design for Rogers Centre/SkyDome in Toronto Canada.

       Railwel Canada was created in 1968 and is a subsidiary of Railtech International. Railwel manufactures thermite welding products for the North American market using the standard crucible or the CJ one shot crucible. Railtech is a global leader in the commercial and urban railway industry.  With over one century of experience, Railtech has evolved to ideally recognize the demands and needs of each railroad we service. Throughout Railtech’s history, experience has allowed us to become highly specialized in rail welding and involved in all aspects of track service and activities the world over. Railtech is continually developing to meet the challenges of the railroad industry while meeting the needs of its customers and providing them with quality service and products.

With 85 % of sales exported in over 60 countries, The Delachaux Group pursues its continuous development strategy in track-oriented activities. Research and Development, as well as a strong international presence, help Railtech and its subsidiaries maintain a world leader position. Our goal is to satisfy our customers on the most technically challenging segments in the railway and urban transit domain.

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